• June 2024

Surveying for the construction of a private brewery

In Wiesberg - the entrance to the Paznaun Valley - below the Trisanna Bridge and Wiesberg Castle (in the municipality of Tobadill), the Parth family from Ischgl is building the private brewery "Silvretta Bräu". The boundaries are currently being fixed. Surveying AVT-ZT-GmbH is pleased to be able to provide surveying services for this project.

  • May 2024

Surveying an old agricultural property

The AVT team in Immenstadt is supporting a client with the conversion of an old agricultural property. The exterior and interior of the residential building and the farm buildings were fully surveyed using a terrestrial laser scanner (TLS).

In addition to the floor plans and sections required as standard, the entire building was modeled in detail using BricsCAD BIM software. This 3D model can be easily imported into the systems of the customer and subsequent planners thanks to the ifc exchange format.

The client and planners are delighted with the model's high level of accuracy and wealth of detail. "This model makes the planning work much easier," the commissioned architect is quoted as saying.

  • January 2024

Transfer of the remote sensing division into a separate company: AVT Airborne Sensing Austria GmbH

The former photogrammetry and remote sensing department of Vermessung AVT-ZT-GmbH was transformed into a new company "AVT-Airborne Sensing Austria GmbH" ("ASA" for short). The main reason for this reorganization was to group the entire Airborne division of the AVT Group more logically and coherently.

AVT-ASA is a wholly owned subsidiary of "AVT Airborne Sensing GmbH" based in Greven (Germany), which is itself a wholly owned subsidiary of Vermessung AVT. AVT-ASA is therefore now a "granddaughter" of Vermessung AVT.

AVT-ASA is divided into three departments: The largest department is "Photogrammetry" in Imst. The second department, "Laser Scanning", is mainly located in Klosterneuburg. The third department, "Mapping", corresponds to the former AeroMap GmbH.

  • October 2023

Graduated as the best surveying technician in Bavaria

This year's best graduation in Bavaria as a surveying technician was achieved by our (former) trainee Sofie Kirchmann. Congratulations!

With a very good 93 points, she had the best exam result of the 63 examinees. In addition to the best exam, she also had the best vocational school diploma with a grade point average of 1.2.

Of course, we are proud to have provided her with a great education 🙂

We congratulate again Mrs. Kirchmann and are glad that she remains in the team of AVT Immenstadt!

  • September 2023

Open Day Photogrammetry 2023

The Open Day Photogrammetry is now an established, much-appreciated event. In 2023, it took place for the third time on September 12 and 13. This time it was organized by us, AVT Airborne Sensing, at our home airport Münster-Osnabrück (FMO). Many visitors followed the slogan "hands-on photogrammetry". A wide range of high-quality presentations were given, live workshops were held, technical discussions were held at the exhibitor stands and there was lively networking. In the evening, the discussions continued in a relaxed atmosphere with good food and cool drinks. After 2 days and once again a very positive summary, the intensive event was over far too quickly...

Specialist article on the ODP in "GIM International" magazine

  • March 2023

AVT Group is climate neutral

AVT has been committed to climate protection for a long time. As of now, the entire AVT Group is climate neutral. We offset our emissions and support a project in Africa.

The Ibanda-Makera Forest Cook Stove Project plans to distribute over 70,000 improved Canarumwe cook stoves to rural households in the Kirehe district of southeastern Rwanda. Cooking there has traditionally been done on thermally inefficient "three-stone fires" resulting in incomplete combustion and high indoor air pollution. This poses a major respiratory hazard. The improved cookstoves are produced locally and create valuable local jobs. Wood consumption is significantly reduced and thus less CO2 is emitted.

  • February 2023

Thermal flights

With the help of our thermal camera "DigiTherm" from the manufacturer "IGI mbH", we have already flown over 3 cities in the winter of 2023: Herford and Tuttlingen in Germany and Ferrara in Italy.

The thermal images provide relevant information for monitoring urban warming. Environmental observations and spatial data are included. For example, leaks in underground pipes (district heating) or poorly insulated buildings can be detected.

The data from Ferrara will be used in the framework of the European "USAGE Project" is used. In this project, scientists from all over Europe are working to make cities greener and more climate-friendly.

We are proud to be part of this project and to be able to contribute!

  • February 2023

AVT Job Bike Initiative

After determining from the analysis of our CO₂ footprint that in approx. one third of CO₂ emissions at our locations by the arrival and departure of the employees we knew where we wanted to place our next emphasis in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. For this reason, the management has Jobbike initiative was launched. The purchase of job electric bicycles is subsidized by the federal government with 400€ per piece, in addition AVT has taken over another part of the bicycle price to facilitate the switch to the bicycle.

The initiative was extremely well received within the company, 25 people have thus acquired a new bicycle. Together, within the second half of the year Cycled over 10,000 km to work. How this figure affects our CO₂ footprint will be determined after a new evaluation. In the long term, the AVT Group aims to become climate neutral - the Jobrad initiative is a step in this direction.

  • November 2022

Opening museum

After its 50th anniversary, Vermessung AVT opens a museum with historical measuring instruments at its headquarters in Imst with a laudation by Dr. Lothar Müller.
The collection displays mine surveying instruments as well as textbooks and an aerial camera, and provides interesting insights into AVT's 50-year company history. The oldest exhibits date back to 1870.

  • October 2022

Intergeo 2022

After the Open Day Photogrammetry is before the Intergeo - this was the motto again this year. Because less than a month later the next trade fair took place: the Intergeo 2022 from 18-20 October in Essen.

Intergeo Expo and Conference proves once again that it is the world's leading geospatial platform. Digitization needs geoinformation! This is underlined by the key figures of the leading international event for geodesy, geoinformation and land management. With 457 exhibitors from 31 countries, round 14.000 Trade visitors from 102 countriesIntergeo is once again building on its successes prior to the Corona pandemic.

Also this year we, the AVT Group, had a booth at this industry meeting. It is almost a tradition that we share the booth with the company Primis from Brno, Czech Republic.

With in sum twelve colleagues from Trento, Klosterneuburg, Niederöblarn, FMO, Reutte and Imst, we were extremely well represented. All in all, Intergeo was a complete success for us, the crowds at our booth were very high and the discussions with customers and partners were very promising.

  • September 2022

Open Day Photogrammetry 2022

This year we, AVT Airborne Sensing GmbH, together with our competitors have already for the second time jointly won the Open Day Photogrammetry (ODP) organized. This time the ODP took place from 27-28 September at the Schönhagen airfield near Potsdam where BSF Swissphoto has stationed its aircraft. "The special thing about this event is that all participants have the opportunity to experience and operate aircraft and sensor technology directly in action," says Roland Stengele, managing director of this year's organizer BSF Swissphoto.

The ODP is an industry meeting of a special kind, the attendance was with 180 participants very high and the feedback from the guests was extremely positive. Only the weather did not quite cooperate and so we had quite "zapfige" temperatures in the hangar at the exhibition of the business partners.

At the end of the event it was then already announced that we, the AVT, will organize next year's ODP 2023 at Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO). Preparations are already underway and we are very much looking forward to a repeat of the event from September 12-13 at FMO.

Newspaper article in the "Märkische Allgemeine" newspaper

  • September 2022

Engineers Without Borders project in Congo

The leveling device provided by AVT to the Engineers Without Borders is already in full use.

At the moment, a fact-finding trip of the Regional Group Tyrol is taking place in Tshumbe in the Democratic Republic of Congo!

On the photos is Cornelia from the project group TshuWa, who is training Papa Shongo and Papa Paul for leveling.

to the project

© IOG Austria

  • August 2022

Climate protection from the air

City lets reconnaissance aircraft take off
Urban Greening Master Plan: "Thermal Flight" identifies heat islands and fresh air corridors

In the fight against climate change, the city of Oldenburg is taking a new measure: On Thursday, August 11, 2022, the reconnaissance plane of a special company circled over Oldenburg on behalf of the city. The twin-engine small aircraft measured the surface temperature from the air during two flights - each lasting about one and a half hours - at different times of the day. The findings obtained during the so-called "thermal flight" are to be incorporated into an analysis of the city's climate.


  • March 2022

Energy workers visit the surveying office

AVT Imst informed about its achievements for climate protection


  • November 2021

The AVT branch in Immenstadt is climate neutral!

In spring 2021, the subsidiary Vermessung AVT-GmbH in Immenstadt joined the alliance Klimaneutrales Allgäu 2030.

Since November 2021, it can now call itself "climate neutral!

The balance was drawn up by the Energy and Environment Center Allgäu (eza!) in accordance with the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The balance sheet includes Scope 1+2 as well as Scope 3 with the areas of water/paper consumption, residual waste, wastewater, employee catering/mobility, and business trips outside the company's own vehicle pool.

The CO2 greenhouse gas emissions determined for fiscal year 2021 will be offset by the purchase of certificates from the Gold Standard project "Clean Drinking Water Sierra Leone". In addition, contributions were made to the Allgäu climate fund for regional sustainability projects.

Managing Director DI (FH) Martin Köhler sums it up as follows: "The balancing was the first important step. However, the aim is to reduce emissions even further over the next few years and thus provide future generations with everything they need. exactly.right to make".

  • September 2021


As joint hosts with BSF Swissphoto, geoplana, Hansa Luftbild and GeoFly, we invited the AVT Airborne Sensing GmbH, to OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY 2021 one. This industry meeting focused on photogrammetry - under the motto: "Photogrammetry at your fingertips" - in a practical way.

The OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY 2021 was a complete success with more than 100 participants. We were on site in Magdeburg with 9 employees, an airplane and of course an exhibition booth to bring photogrammetry closer to the customers. After the opening on 7.9. by the organizers, the event started with a lecture on the topic of Image flight with pressurized cabin and protective glass by Dr. Klaus Legat, Head of Photogrammetry at AVT.

Afterwards, our colleagues Jennifer Astner, Kjersti Moe, Gabriel Plangger and Olaf Möller held several versatile workshops to give interested customers even deeper insights into our work.

The response from the customers and also from the co-organizers and partners was consistently positive and characterized by many interesting discussions. Thus, on the second day, all five organizers agreed that next year there will be another OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY will give.

  • September 2021

AVT-AS at the Intergeo 2021 in Hanover

Intergeo 2021 is just around the corner and will take place this year from 21.09. to 23.09. in Hannover.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth 20B.32.

Via the following link you can get your entrance ticket to the fair:

Please observe the access rules and hygiene regulations.

  • August 2021

Great coverage in the TT on Sunday, 8/22/2021.

"Borderline from Tyrol"

Roman Markowski measures at Gaislachkogl.

Tyrolean daily newspaper

  • May 2021

Surveying AVT-ZT-GmbH is now a Climate Alliance company at the Imst site

Since 2021, we have been a member at the Imst site of the Climate Alliance Tyrol. No matter what we do, we want to "just right" do. In our function as civil engineer and notary as well as in our role as engineer and technician who solves a (technical) problem for the customer. Today, many problems can be solved with technology. Therefore, it is important to us to act correctly in every respect. For us, right means exact, sustainable, responsible, honest, transparent, objective and resource-saving.

Achievements to date for climate protection
  • Electricity at 100 % from renewable sources and CO2- neutral
  • PV system(42 kWp) on the roof and facade
  • Durability and energy efficiency main criteria for IT procurement
  • Cleaning products from local and sustainable company
  • Waste separation stations at central locations
Future measures for climate protection (period 2021-2026)
  • Conversion to LED
  • Raising awareness of proper ventilation in winter and summer
  • Creation of a bicycle strategy(ex. job bikes, bike service, improve equipment, etc.).
  • Acquisition of high-quality bicycle parking facilities (bike racks with e-charging station, etc.)
  • Switching to environmentally friendly drive systems for company vehicles
  • Introduction of guidelines for sustainable procurement
  • BIO and FairTrade standard for non-regional products (coffee, tea, chocolate, etc.)
  • Determination of the energy demand for the vending machines; possibly night shutdown, weekend shutdown.
  • General renunciation of disposable cups - in principle use of own cups
  • Reduction of printed materials in favor of digital information or reduction of print runs or sizes of printed materials
  • Ensuring environmentally friendly printing
  • Ongoing measures to raise awareness among employees
  • Collaborate with other companies and stakeholders to achieve the Climate and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • December 2020

AVT Group establishes a new subsidiary in Italy

AVT Group opens in Southern Europe! AVT Airborne Sensing has its new subsidiary in Italy, AVT Airborne Sensing Italia srl, was founded. The company is located in Trento near the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lake Garda and the city of Verona with its International Airport.

With the new company, we aim to strengthen the AVT Group's presence in Southern Europe and add new products to our range of aerial survey services. In particular, we believe in the high potential of hyperspectral sensors for environmental, forest and agricultural analysis. Stay tuned!

Managing Director: Dr. Daniela Poli

  • December 2020

Generation change at Vermessung AVT-Reutte

Peter Trefalt handed over the agendas of the renowned surveying office to his son Alexander

39 years Dipl.-Ing. Peter Trefalt was working in the surveying office AVT - since 1982 as managing director of the office Reutte and since 1987 as a shareholder of the Group, in whose development he played a major role.

In the fall of this year, he handed over the agendas to his son, Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Trefalt. However, father Peter will continue to support the team and the group with his extensive knowledge.

Both currently enjoy the invaluable quality of succession within the family.

Report Impulse

  • October 2019

Ceremonial opening of our new branch

in Millstatt on the lake / Carinthia

On Friday, October 25, 2019, the first branch in Carinthia, in our new office in Millstatt on the lake, was ceremoniously opened. We are pleased to have Valentin Schuster, a new young engineering consultant for surveying, in our ranks.

After several years of professional activity in our branch office in Innsbruck, our new and first surveying office in Carinthia was founded with him as the new managing partner of AVT and officially opened with a ceremony.

This means that the company's entire range of services and know-how in the fields of cadastre, engineering geodesy, geoinformation and photogrammetry can now also be offered to Carinthian customers via our team in Millstatt am See.

Here's to a beautiful future together with new customers and new projects!

  • June 2019

EAASI - Foundation of the new association for the promotion of aerial surveying in Europe

AVT, represented by Klaus Legat, is one of the founding members.

Brussels, June 11, 2019 - A group of leading companies in the European aerial surveying industry have joined forces to form a new association that aims to inform and promote awareness of the benefits of aerial surveying in both the commercial and public sectors. The Austrian representative on the association's board, Klaus Legat, said, "The previous lack of a representative body for the aerial imaging industry has led to a difficult development of the European market, which affects all companies equally.

With EAASI, this situation will improve sustainably for the benefit of our customers and the prosperous development of the industry. "Left:

New association founded to promote aerial surveying in Europe

  • March 2019

Establishment of a homogeneous fixed point field for the Kühtai storage power plant project

On behalf of TIWAG (Tiroler Wasserkraft AG), a homogeneous, stress-free fixed point field was created over an area of approx. 20 x 25km² for the planned Kühtai storage power plant project in 2018.

The fixed point field extends over the planned reservoir Kühtai (with connection to the existing reservoirs Längental and Finstertal) and the planned water catchments in the middle Ötztal and rear Stubaital. This network will subsequently serve as the basis for all work to be carried out. To determine the homogeneous fixed point field, GNSS long-term observations, tacheometric measurements and level measurements were carried out.

GNSS measurements:

  • 46 points were observed by means of simultaneous 24h-measurements (divided over 3 days with partly double crews) - 21 GNSS sensors were used!
  • 343 baselines were calculated and a free network adjustment was performed.

Tachymeter measurements:

  • In total, measurements were taken at 99 different positions (some of them occupied several times)
  • Approx. 4500 individual measurements were carried out

Leveling measurements:

  • In total 156 points were determined by means of leveling
  • Geometric levelling: length 36km, altitude difference 3200m
  • Trigonometric levelling: length 14km, altitude difference 3600m

At this point, a big thank you to all employees involved, who have contributed significantly to the successful completion of this major contract! The following photos give a small insight into the work, which was beautiful, but also very exhausting.

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Trefalt

Management and project management

  • February 2019

Imst through the ages

The surveying AVT has created four posters from different eras for the municipality of Imst. The oldest picture is from 1971 and it is very interesting to see how much has changed in Imst compared to today. At that time, for example, the bypass was just under construction and there was still no sign of the Inntal freeway.

Likewise, one can clearly see the steady growth of the settlement area. Between the years 2010 and 2018, the increase of photovoltaic systems on many house roofs can also be noticed. The four posters of the different decades are now hanging in the Imst town hall.

  • November 2018

AVT documents devastating storms in East Tyrol

Surveying AVT was commissioned by the Tyrolean provincial government to take aerial photographs of those areas of East Tyrol that were affected by the storms at the beginning of October 2018. The image flight was carried out with a ground resolution of 10 cm and took a total of four flight days. The result is a digital orthophoto covering an area of about 800 km². In the first step, this will be generated automatically in order to be able to provide the forestry and water departments with basic data as quickly as possible. We wish the affected communities as smooth and accident-free cleanup operations as possible.

  • [Fig. 1] Downed trees in the East Tyrolean Gailtal between Ober- and Untertilliach
  • [Fig. 2] The extraordinary water masses pave a new riverbed for the Drava
  • [Bild3]Windthrow not far from the Felbertauern road (in the CIR representation the vegetation is often better visible).
  • October 2018

As of 01.01.2018, AVT has taken over the Weser Airborne Sensing GmbH & Co.KG took over.

This company, located in Münster/Osnabrück - NRW, operates aerial surveys, owns 3 specially equipped aircraft and the appropriate equipment. With 01.01.2019 the company was renamed in AVT-AS-GmbH and currently employs approx. 10 highly qualified employees at the Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO) site. The employees and the managing owner enjoy an excellent reputation in the market. The operation of own aircraft is quasi the missing link for the area of photogrammetry in AVT.

From now on, all services can be offered from one source, from flight planning to flight inspection, processing, evaluation and refinement of the data. For AVT, this is the largest investment since its foundation in 1970 - welcome to the AVT Group.

  • September 2018

AVT currently uses probably the most efficient aerial imaging system in Europe

On behalf of the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying (BEV), we are currently flying over the greater Zell am See area in the heart of Austria. The survey area includes large parts of the Hohe Tauern and Austria's highest mountain, the Großglockner. For the first time, we are operating Vexcel Imaging's current "flagship" aircraft, the Eagle Mark 3 f100 (EM3), in our Beechcraft Super King Air B200 for this project. Compared to most other imaging aircraft, the King Air has a very high airspeed of about 250 knots (almost 460 km/h).

At this speed, the EM3, which was provided to us by Primis, can show its full performance. This means that even the often difficult weather conditions during large-scale flights can be optimally exploited. We are already looking forward to processing the data in our office in Imst!

  • June 2018

AVT company outing

Our company outing this year took us via Switzerland to Italy to the beautiful Lake Como.

Early in the morning, a coach from Dietrich Touristik took us to St. Moritz in Switzerland. After a short walk along Lake St. Moritz, we took the spectacular Rhaetian Railway over the Bernina Pass to Tirano in imperial weather. Once there, we fortified ourselves in the restaurant with local specialties such as. Pizzoccheri della Valtellina. Afterwards we went by bus along Lake Como to Lecco where we stayed for the next 2 nights. In the evening we explored Lecco in small groups, bathed in the lake, watched soccer and enjoyed "la dolce vita" with Italian food and good wines.

The following day we went to Como in the morning where we visited the beautiful old town. At 12 o'clock it was time to "cast off" - with the ship we went across Lake Como to Bellagio. We strolled through the small streets, ate delicious ice cream and also a bathing place could be found. In the afternoon sun we took the ship back to Lecco where the evening was at leisure.

On the last day of our excursion, we went by bus to nearby Bergamo in the morning. There we took the funicular to the "Citta Alta" where our Italian colleague Daniela Poli - who grew up in Bergamo - gave us a guided tour of the city. Afterwards we went by bus to Valeggio Sul Mincio where a 4 course pasta menu plus main course and dessert was waiting for us. After the very tasty lunch it was time to say "Arrivederci" and start our journey home to Tyrol via the Brenner Pass. The excursion was very nice and relaxing and strengthened the cohesion of the employees. Our bus driver from Dietrich Touristik organized and executed our trip very well and always brought us safely to all our destinations.

The staff sincerely thanks AVT for this wonderful company outing.

  • April 2018

Surveying AVT mourns the death of the company founder

Dipl.-Ing. Franz Markowski

Dipl.-Ing. Franz Markowski passed away on 22.04.2018 at the age of 77. He was buried on 28.04.2018 in Imst with the participation of relatives, friends, acquaintances and AVT employees. Dipl.-Ing. Franz Markowski came from Feldkirch (Vorarlberg) to Imst in Tyrol in 1970 and started as an engineering consultant for surveying to build up what is now the largest surveying office in western Austria. It is thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, his farsightedness and his social commitment that the surveying office quickly grew to become a known quantity in the Tyrolean Oberland and beyond in the whole of Tyrol and in the neighboring regions. Franz Markowski soon realized that only cooperation would lead to the desired success and brought experienced technicians and young academics from the fields of geodesy and photogrammetry on board. The young academics soon became partners and so the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vermessung Tirol" was founded in the 70s, later the "ARGE Vermessung Tirol" (1987) and in 1995 the "Ingenieurgemeinschaft Vermessung AVT-ZT GmbH".

Due to the wide-ranging know-how and the extraordinary economic skills of the visionary Franz Markowski, the fields of activity became more and more diverse and led to the fact that now in today's AVT group of companies about 100 employees find a secure and varied job. The "boss", as he was affectionately called by everyone, was held in high esteem by all employees. With his exemplary and prudent management style he knew how to inspire everyone and with the saying "we are where the thumbs are up" lets us be a little prouder of our AVT and its founder Franz Markowski.

We would like to thank all friends and colleagues who accompanied Franz Markowski on his last journey.

  • January 2018

AVT switches to e-mobility

In the future, AVT will give preference to electric cars when purchasing new vehicles. This will significantly reduce CO2 emissions during countless field operations. As CEO Roman Markowski says: "For most surveying operations, this already seems feasible with the vehicles available on the market. Only for those measuring lots, which must be on the way with all-wheel vehicles in the alpine area, there are still no suitable cars. Of course, we will start with the changeover in those branches that have shorter average travel distances to the sites of operation due to the topography. In any case, the changeover should not cause any hindrances in the daily work."

In addition to the purchase of electric cars, a large-scale, modern photovoltaic system is being installed on the AVT building in Imst to generate its own electricity in an environmentally friendly manner. This is mainly intended to cover the company's own consumption. The current planning provides for a combination of elements on the roof, the facade and the terrace on the 1st floor.

Imst office building in 3D

  • July 2017

AVT is now also present in the Allgäu region with a branch office

We are pleased about the return of Martin Köhler together with his team to AVT. After 10 years as an independent surveyor in the Allgäu region, we have agreed to work together. The surveying AVT-ZT-GmbH has taken over 100% of Geosigma GmbH and now trades as Surveying AVT GmbH at the location in Immenstadt. Martin Köhler and the head of engineering geodesy in Imst - Alexander Trefalt - act as managing directors. The cooperation has been going very well for several years and the merger brings more security for our customers and employees.

Especially the cable car operators and the ski resorts in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg will benefit from the very good know-how, the wide range of services and the larger technical and human resources of AVT. In addition, AVT's entire range of services in the areas of photogrammetry, laser scanning and geoinformation can now also be offered through our team in Immenstadt. Competent experts are available for all tasks. We are looking forward to the common future with new customers and new projects!


  • July 2017

Open Day at AVT

What do Hollywood movies and the AVT have in common? This question could be explored on June 9 in Imst. In the course of keynote speeches and workshops, it was made clear how important the three-dimensional planning and modeling of buildings and objects is - both in the dream factory and in the surveying office. Guest speaker star architect from Vienna, Oliver Bertram ( provided exciting insights into his work for the blockbuster film "Independence Day: Resurgence". During the shoot, it must be ensured that camera angles fit perfectly. Actors should be positioned in the optimal spot. Time means money - on the construction as well as on the set.


Surprises in the execution extend the expensive shooting time in the studio. That's why it has long been common practice in Hollywood to plan digitally and three-dimensionally. Roman Markowski, Minh Tam Nguyen and Christoph Schreiner continued this thread. In their presentations, they highlighted the use of terrestrial laser scanning, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and VR visualization. The focus of these technologies is to bring planning as close as possible to reality - saving time, costs and nerves.

  • June 2017

Documentation of earthquake damage using GEOBLY

Terra Messflug and AVT document earthquake damage in the Norcia area (Italy): Using the GEOBLY software, developed by AVT together with FBK Trento 3dom.fbk.eudeveloped and co-financed by the province of Tyrol, it was possible for the local administration to determine the actual extent of the damage incurred.

The aerial survey and data analysis was carried out by the Italian energy provider ENGIE [Link] commissioned.

GEOBLY is a measurement tool suitable for both oblique and wide-angle cameras. It allows 3D measurements of objects in any combination of oblique and perpendicular images.


Various reports on this project have appeared in the Italian media (for an example, see here).

various reports about this project

More details about GEOBLY are in this article:



  • May 2017

Building monitoring ''Brauhaus und Brauturm'' - St. Johann in Tirol

In the course of the demolition works of the former Hotel Goldener Löwe in St. Johann in Tirol, the surveying company AVT-ZT-GmbH was commissioned to observe the adjacent brewery and the Sankt Johanner landmark, the so-called Huberturm (brewery tower) with regard to possible movements. For this purpose, inclination sensors were rented from the company BSF Swissphoto, which are monitored online via a data logger using the Internet. Any changes in position are registered in both directions (longitudinal and transverse inclination) and transmitted to the receiving station every 10 minutes. As soon as a preset limit value of the position change is exceeded, an alarm is triggered by informing the predefined group of persons via SMS and eMail. The data can also be conveniently monitored and analyzed via a portal on the Internet.


The measured data are displayed in a diagram on a time axis as a hydrograph in x- and y-direction and provide information about the current situation at the individual measuring points at any time. In addition, terrestrial monitoring is used to carry out control measurements at the Brauhaus and Brauturm buildings. The demolition work could be carried out without major problems. The brewing tower is still available to the visitors of the very popular Braustüberl steadfastly and undamaged.


  • November 2016

Mobile mapping for as-built surveying on the Lower Inn Valley route of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB)

On October 23, 2016, the existing line between Wörgl and Hall was successfully surveyed with a photogrammetric mobile mapping system on behalf of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG. The aim of this survey was to measure the above-ground infrastructure created in the course of the new line. The measurement system used has six 5-megapixel cameras, which allow rapid 360° image documentation, as well as two laser scanners mounted at 45° to the direction of travel. Precise positioning of the data is guaranteed by tight coupling of GNSS with an inertial system. To achieve the required absolute accuracy of 2.0 cm in position and height, measured control points are integrated at regular intervals.

The measurement system was mounted on a minibus and placed on a low-floor car with a clear view to the rear. The Robel locomotive of the ÖBB carried the low-floor car, whereby a speed of 60 km/h was not exceeded for optimal data acquisition. In the Stans tunnel, there were no sufficient light sources for the measuring camera, so a lighting construction was designed in advance and mounted on the measuring vehicle. In addition, the vehicle was driven on both tracks of the existing line in order to exclude shadowing from meeting trains.

  • August 2016

AVT company outing

This year's company outing took us via Stein am Rhein to the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen, then via Freiburg to Strasbourg where we moved into our quarters. The following day, we took a guided tour of the city and a boat trip on the Ill River. Afterwards we went along the wine route to Riquewihr, a very beautiful medieval village in Alsace, with a cellar tour and wine tasting.

Of course, the traditional tarte flambée was not left out. On the last day of our trip, we drove to Lake Constance and visited the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen before finally returning home. The successful and relaxing excursion brought energy and strengthened the team spirit. The staff would like to thank AVT for this wonderful company outing.

  • August 2016

Baptistery of Blessed Engelbert documented to the millimeter

AVT supports the general renovation of the deanery parish church in Zell am Ziller. The as-built data was collected using terrestrial laser scanning and close-range photogrammetry. The parish church, which is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Austria, was completely recorded from the outside and inside with a terrestrial laser scanner (TLS) in September 2015. In addition, high-resolution images were taken and linked to the three-dimensional scan data.

The result of this innovative combination of measurement data is convincing: Geometrically rectified, true-to-scale views in true colors not only capture every detail in its exact position, but also the mood of this unique cultural asset. Similarly, conventional delivery products such as floor plans and sectional plans were derived from the 3D point cloud of the laser scanner. These benefit from the high accuracy and great detail of this measurement method.

  • October 2014

Wiesejaggltunnel on the Kaunertal Glacier

Demanding surveys in the high mountains. For some time now, the Kaunertal Glacier Railways had wanted to open up an existing ski run - which could previously only be reached after a short ascent - to a wider audience from the coming winter. To make this possible safely and comfortably, the operators decided to build a tunnel. This tunnel was to be wide enough to allow snow groomers to pass through.

AVT was commissioned to determine and document the longitudinal and transverse deformation as well as any settlement during the construction phase. The highly experienced employees of AVT were once again able to demonstrate their skills in this project and contribute to the overall success of the project.