AVT stands for innovation since 1970

The most important technical innovations in AVT include:

  • early 1970s: Introduction of the automatic data flow with self-registering total stations
  • 1979: Introduction of analytical photogrammetric stereo stations
  • 1980s: Introduction of GPS in engineering surveying
  • 1990s: New product: orthophotos as a basis for planning
  • Development of the Geosi surveying software together with our subsidiary IDC EDP since 1997
  • 2003: Entry into laser scanning technology
  • 2005: Digital photogrammetric stereo stations
  • 2009: Foundation of Terra Messflug and entry into the digital aerial photography
  • 2012: Use of GPS in cadastral surveying
  • 2015: Large-scale oblique aerial imaging
  • 2016: Introduction of BIM as the basis for building planning and revitalization
  • 2016: Entry into mobile mapping technology
  • 2018: Takeover of Weser Airborne Sensing and subsequently merging of Weser AS and Terra Messflug into AVT Airborne Sensing GmbH
  • Transfer of the remote sensing division into a separate company: AVT Airborne Sensing Austria GmbH