Line locating & Leak detection

Seek and ye shall find

The search for existing pipes is often necessary before leak detection or in advance of excavation work. Often there are no documents about the water pipe or the electrical house connection. Therefore, the course of the lines must first be determined and recorded.

The generational change in water masters and the introduction of CAD/GIS systems in municipalities may be the reason for locating pipes throughout the service area.

With modern locating devices, not only metallic but also plastic lines can be reliably located.

We help to ensure the water supply

AVT has always been on the spot when there are problems with water supply in municipalities or water cooperatives.

Our modern high-performance correlator is ideally suited for searching for leaks and pipe breaks in water pipes. It is also possible to find problem areas in plastic pipes, which often used to involve expensive and tedious search work. We also use ground microphones and thermal cameras.

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