As-built survey

Efficient project execution requires personnel strength and diverse technologies

In order to efficiently handle large-scale inventories, several experienced and capable survey teams are often required.

AVT has the human resources and the necessary technical equipment.

In addition, close coordination with the client and also within the project team is required.

High technology for our cultural heritage

The use of state-of-the-art non-contact measuring technologies not only guarantees gentle handling of irretrievable cultural assets but also reduces costs. The recording takes place very quickly and thus hardly disturbs the daily operation in churches, museums and historic public buildings.

Among other things, we rely on these tools:

  • UAV / drone flight
  • Terrestrial laser scanning
  • Close range photogrammetry

As a client, you benefit from professionally created, classic delivery products such as:

  • Sections and views as line evaluation in 2D plan
  • Equalized facade images

The following innovative products bring you the added value:

  • Processed, refined 3D point cloud - the object mapped down to the smallest detail
  • 3D models of your objects - from planning to visualization a versatile data set
  • Web-based visualization of terrestrial laser scans with measurement functionality - intuitive viewing and measurement of your structures in the web browser, attach notes in 3D, revolutionizes communication with your project partners

Existing data and measurement methods

When the task and scope of work are clear, we select the ideal method, e.g.:

  • Terrestrial recording (total station, GPS)
  • Terrestrial laser scanning
  • Image or laser recording from the air (drone, helicopter, airplane)

From the raging torrent to the gentle stream

Watercourse measurements often serve as the basis for hydrological studies and flood models. Of particular importance is the water-land boundary.

Typical tasks include the survey of structures such as bridges, inlets, weirs and groynes as well as the survey of the river bank and the nearby hinterland including natural or artificial slopes. For the survey of the riverbed, sounding by means of a measuring rod or echo sounder and, more recently, airborne special measuring systems are used.

From the stadium to the stadium

As-built surveying also deals with structures of all types, both on the exterior (including facades) and on the interior of buildings or facilities. The measurement methods are chosen on the basis of the specific requirements.

As the level of detail increases, we use the following techniques:

  • Terrestrial recording by means of total station (in outdoor areas also GPS)
  • Aerial photo analysis (e.g. for roof landscapes)
  • Terrestrial photogrammetry using video total stations
  • Terrestrial laser scanning using precision scanners

The use of terrestrial laser scanning requires a high degree of know-how in the evaluation of the measurement data. On the basis of a high-resolution 3D point cloud, we create sections, views, facade rectifications, target/actual comparisons, 3D models and BIM models. For this, the use of special software, high-performance computers and trained and expert personnel is guaranteed.

Strength in handling large projects

Our particular strength in handling large projects also lies in our wide range of services and technologies. On-site surveying work can be optimized through the integration of our own aerial surveys and their evaluation. We exploit the strengths of the various methods and, if required, also produce value-added products such as detailed orthophotos with ground resolutions of up to 2.5 cm.