Drone flying

Quick on the spot - flexible in use

Drones (UAV) are used when the areas for field surveying are too large and flying by airplane or helicopter would be too uneconomical.

The advantages are short mobilization times and non-contact measurement methods. The ongoing operation at the object to be recorded is not disturbed and dangerous measurements can be carried out from a safe distance.

The following application scenarios are part of our standard repertoire:

  • Facade photographs for conversion planning
  • Documentation of cultural assets (e.g. churches)
  • Quarries, gravel pits
  • Landfills
  • Bedload traps
  • Operating locations
  • Lift routes in high mountains
  • Terrain corrections

The data is produced according to the requirements of the customer, the planners or the executing companies. We deliver:

  • Orthophotos with up to 1 cm ground resolution
  • Colored 3D point clouds
  • Digital terrain and surface models with up to 10 cm ground resolution including classification (terrain, buildings, water bodies, vegetation,..)
  • Conventional 2.5D and 3D site/elevation plans with contour lines and vector data of objects and facilities
  • Cubatures and volume changes
  • Target/actual analyses in profiles and surfaces
  • Meshed 3D Models with Texture
  • Access to models and point clouds via internet services (PoTree, Sketchfab)
  • Virtual reality visualization of the textured 3D models

Our drones can carry a sensor weighing up to 5 kg. We fly with either a camera or a laser scanner.

Gravelpit, 3D Model

The main advantages

The main advantages of these procedures are:

  • Efficiency: Large areas can be recorded in a short time
  • Accuracy: centimeter to decimeter range
  • Resolution and sharpness of detail

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