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Mine surveying

Surveying AVT also supports you in the management of your mining operation.

With Dipl. Ing. Roman Markowski, AVT has a responsible market surveyor and with all available measuring methods, your company can be optimally supported in every respect.

No matter what the task - we offer you the appropriate technology. Whether conventional terrestrial images, huge 3D point clouds using terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) or airborne laser scanning (ALS), images taken with drones or high-resolution aerial images from the air.

Gravelpit, 3D Model

We support you in the preparation of mining operation plans or final operation plans, in mining planning via 3D terrain model, with the preparation of plans in accordance with MinroG as well as with mass determinations. The latter form the basis for mining planning. On the basis of masses and mining performance, as well as with the planning of roads and mining routes, capacities can be determined and mining plans can be drawn up. For the mining licensee or operator, the residual storage volume is often of interest, as is the volume of landfill still available. Borehole planning and documentation are also part of the mine surveying activities.

Of course, we take care of the fact that the mining authority keeps an always up-to-date mining map according to the deadlines, and we are happy to advise in terms of an optimal recording method - tailored to the needs of the operation.

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