Engineering Geodesy

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Engineering surveying is one of the most demanding areas of our field of activity. The projects are characterized by very high demands on the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results.

Particular importance is attached to the careful documentation of the work and results. Our field of work ranges from the preparation of planning bases for technical facilities to the traditional focus on cable car surveying, infrastructure and traffic routes through to geodetic monitoring.

We create the basis for your projects

Typical foundation products include:

  • Terrain models
  • Site elevation plans with contour lines and natural features
  • Length cuts and profiles (also curved)
  • Detailed technical plans of structures and facilities
  • Maps of ski slopes and trails for winter sports areas

We accompany you in all project phases

Since 1970, AVT has supported the planning, construction and monitoring of hundreds of ropeways.

Typical tasks in ropeway surveying are:

  • Recording of longitudinal sections for the route
  • Surveying of the terrain for the station buildings and stations
  • Staking out foundations and supports before the start of construction
  • Accompaniment of construction and assembly works
  • Control measurement prescribed by the authorities for acceptance of construction work
  • Monitoring of the completed plant
  • Measurement of rope vibration in trial operation

Skill and creativity are in demand

The surveying of technical facilities is largely determined by the purpose and nature of the facilities. Many tasks are complicated and extensive and demand all the skill and creativity of the engineer.

Examples from our reference projects are:

  • Precise staking out of building objects or machine foundations in position and height
  • Alignment of antenna systems for directional radio links
  • Recording of furnace systems during operation
  • Component alignment for the elevation of stadium stands
  • Recording of pipes and lines in industrial plants
  • Picking up and staking out crane rails
  • Surveying and staking of cogwheel tracks
  • Control of enclosure structures
  • Unplugging of shafts

Spatial database for land and water vehicles

We support you in the planning, construction and maintenance of road systems, railway tracks, freight routes and shipping canals.

Examples from our reference projects are:

  • As-built survey, stakeout and control survey on freeways and expressways (e.g. enclosure A12 near Innsbruck)
  • Creation of the data basis for road surface rehabilitation (e.g. Lieser valley bridge, A10)
  • Inventory for railroad lines (e.g. Unterinntaltrasse and Brenner line for ÖBB)
  • Staking out for reconstruction and renovation measures of track systems (e.g. Innsbruck Westbahnhof, Innsbruck tramway, Zugspitze rack railroad)
  • Surveying and data modeling for navigation (Alpenrhein, Niederrhein)
  • Various final surveys for road and estate road projects

Reliably detect and document movements

Control and deformation measurements require profound expertise of the surveyor, who is also given a great responsibility. Applications can be found in civil engineering and geology (rock slides, landslides).

Examples from our reference projects:

  • Load tests on bridge structures (e.g. ÖBB)
  • Verhaimungsmessungen an Wasserstauanlagen
  • Deformation measurements on retaining walls, galleries and underpasses (ASFiNAG)
  • Height controls by means of precision leveling
  • Various deformation measurements in the area of landslides
  • Deformation measurements on ropeway installations

Customized solutions for complex movement patterns

Highly specialized sensors are installed for permanent monitoring measurements. These independently perform repeated measurements and the measurement data is automatically evaluated in real time. Alarm messages can be sent if defined limit values are exceeded.

Advantages over conventional deformation measurements:

  • Permanent and automatic control
  • Real-time evaluation and alerting
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Complete documentation of the deformation behavior
  • Online visualization of the movement course
  • Integration of data from additional sensors

Examples from our reference projects:

  • ÖBB - Pflach + Vorarlberg
  • Accompanying monitoring of a rock face during clearing work in Dürnstein (Lower Austria)
  • Monitoring of a lift support during operation in the Venet ski area near Landeck

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We are also at home under day

In addition to general stakeout work, construction surveying consists of:

  • Propulsion control
  • Geotechnical deformation measurements
  • Main control measurement

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