Special services

Competence as the key to success

Even in surveying, there are always tasks for which there is no "patent remedy". This complexity can be expressed in many different ways, usually with exceptionally high requirements in one or more areas.

Examples of exceptionally high requirements:

  • Accuracy and/or level of detail
  • Scope or quantity of work
  • Diversity of the task
  • Exposed or inhospitable environments
  • Suspicion of imminent danger

Surveying AVT also supports you in the management of your mining operation.

With Dipl. Ing. Roman Markowski, AVT has a responsible market surveyor and with all available measuring methods, your company can be optimally supported in every respect.

No matter what the task - we offer you the appropriate technology. Whether conventional terrestrial images, huge 3D point clouds using terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) or airborne laser scanning (ALS), images taken with drones or high-resolution aerial images from the air.

We support you in the preparation of mining operation plans or final operation plans, in mining planning via 3D terrain model, with the preparation of plans in accordance with MinroG as well as with mass determinations. The latter form the basis for mining planning. On the basis of masses and mining performance, as well as with the planning of roads and mining routes, capacities can be determined and mining plans can be drawn up. For the mining licensee or operator, the residual storage volume is often of interest, as is the volume of landfill still available. Borehole planning and documentation are also part of the mine surveying activities.

Of course, we take care of the fact that the mining authority keeps an always up-to-date mining map according to the deadlines, and we are happy to advise in terms of an optimal recording method - tailored to the needs of the operation.

Gravelpit, 3D Model

Talking brings people together

A cornerstone of our self-image and a key to success is the competent consulting of our customers. Here we contribute our many years of experience and expertise. In discussion with the client, the task is jointly analyzed and assessed. Because we have all geodetic measuring methods available at AVT, the customer can rely on us to objectively select the best technologies for his task and, if necessary, to combine them.

In the case of the Niklasgalerie, the Imst building district office acted as the client. The task was clearly formulated during the discussion. The special features of this difficult construction site were, in particular, that

  • had to be connected to the portal of an existing gallery
  • an existing natural tunnel had to be integrated through a rock head
  • the historical structure of Finstermünz Fortress had to be taken into account
  • the adjacent extremely steep and forested terrain also had to be represented

B180-Niklas gallery

with friendly release of Mr. Ing. Guglberger Günter, Landesbaudirektion Tirol

Well planned is half solved

We develop the measurement concept on the basis of a jointly prepared specification. In doing so, we are guided by the state of the art, which we represent through our versatile activities and innovative problem solutions. The most efficient solution to the problem is sought - in terms of the required accuracy and level of detail, the time required and the lowest cost.

In many cases, the concept involves combining different methods and technologies that play to their respective strengths in different aspects of the task at hand.

In the present example of the Niklas Gallery the methods

  • Aerial Photogrammetry
  • Airborne laser scanning
  • Terrestrial laser scanning
  • and conventional terrestrial surveying

combined with each other.

This ensured that all areas were covered and, in particular, in the difficult-to-access (partly overhanging) areas and steep slopes, no ascents with elaborate safety measures were necessary.

By using special software, we were also able to display the overhanging rock sections geometrically correctly.

Professional and efficient

There are many prerequisites for successful project implementation:

  • Professional project management
  • Well-trained and motivated employees
  • Powerful measuring instruments and software
  • Efficient data processing
  • Appealing result design

In the case of the Niklas Gallery, ALS data was purchased from the province of Tyrol, a high-precision image flight was carried out, terrestrial laser scanners were used to record the steep areas near the road and the natural tunnel, and conventional measurement methods were used to measure the connecting portal and the control points.

An extremely powerful 3D data set was developed in an appealing time frame, which provided the ideal basis for all subsequent work. Namely, for the derivation of profiles, for the planning of the temporary bypass route, for the planning of the gallery project and, of course, for the stakeout work.