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Ownership of land is characterized by high security of value; in Austria, the land register and the digital cadastral map (DKM) serve as proof.

Efficient project execution requires personnel strength and diverse technologies

In order to efficiently handle large-scale inventories, several experienced and capable survey teams are often required.

Our work meets the highest quality standards

Engineering surveying is one of the most demanding areas of our field of activity.

We offer total solutions for the creation of a line information system

Ensure water supply

We help to find line leaks and also locate the lines if necessary.

Capture of large areas in a very short time - and with high detail sharpness

Photogrammetry uses aerial images to create orthophotos and for 3D surveying of natural or man-made objects.

Competence as the key to success

Even in surveying, there are always tasks for which there is no "patent remedy". Even if the task may seem unsolvable: AVT is the right address for you.