The aim of the “Innovations” division is to make the technological evolution usable for the benefit of our internal workflows and, as a consequence, of our customers. We are always looking for new tools and methods to expand our product portfolio and improve the quality of the existing products and the efficiency of our processes.

Drones (UAV / UAS):

Since some years we have a dedicated team dealing with image acquisition and processing using drones. This technology perfectly answers the demand of our customers for highly accurate 3D information on target objects (i.e. buildings landslides, infrastructures, etc). According to the sensors carried on board, the application fields are many, for example:

  • Thermography
  • Measurements
  • Promotional photos and presentation videos
  • Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS)
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Virtual Reality (VR) visualizations

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