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Since 1970, AVT has served the planning, construction and monitoring of several hundreds of ropeways. The survey tasks are a challenge for men and instruments, mainly due to the mountainous environments and the threat of rapid weather changes. Experience with alpine dangers and good personal shape are crucial. 

Summit station at Ischgl
Pillar at Sölden

Typical tasks are:

  • Measurement of axis sections for planned tracks
  • Topographic survey of stations and buildings
  • Setting-out of fundaments prior to the construction
  • Support of construction and installation
  • Control measurements for approvals regulated by law
  • Monitoring of operative facilities
  • Observation of rope oscillations during test operations

GPS/GNSS, highly precise total stations and precision levels are used. The facilities are characterized by increasing complexity, leading to higher survey requirements. Environmental and natural conservation demands during the planning phase and enhanced operational safety requirements demand continuous innovation.