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Automatic monitoring

Tailored solutions for complex movements

Specialized sensors (e.g. precision tachymeters, GNSS) are installed for permanent monitoring measurements, auto-matically repeated measurements and data processing in real time. Remote control allows for modifying measurement programs when needed and performing graphical and numerical analyses. 

The reliability of the measurement data is controlled by statistical tests. Violations of pre-defined thresholds trigger alarm messages

Biratalwand / Lower Austria

Advantages compared to conventional (manual) deformation measurements:

  • Continuous and automatic control
  • Analysis and alarming in real time 
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Uninterrupted documentation of deformations
  • Online-visualization of motions
  • Incorporation of other sensors

Examples from our reference projects:

  • Continuous monitoring of a rock face during clearing works for several months (Biratalwand, Lower Austria)
  • Monitoring of a cable-car pillar during operations in the skiing resort Venet / Landeck (Tyrol)

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